888, the company that recently acquired William Hill, shared details about its efforts to promote responsible gambling across its retail business as part of Safer Gambling Week. Mark McCaffrey, the company’s head of compliance policy, retail & sportsbook, highlighted the positive relationship between shop employees and customers, emphasizing 888’s genuine care for its customers as a significant advantage in promoting safer gambling.

McCaffrey also mentioned the introduction of new tools and changes to shield consumers from harm, including exception reporting to identify at-risk players and a new affordability approach to prompt conversations at key points in the customer journey. Additionally, the company made improvements to its system to record customer interactions and decisions, providing a more comprehensive view of their time with the company.

Despite the progress, McCaffrey acknowledged that there is still more work to do. Looking ahead to 2024, he mentioned that the company will continue to invest in further improvements, including exploring options to change its customer management system and offering better support for colleagues to identify customers through a data-driven markers of harm model.

888 has also partnered with BetKnowMore to provide training for its cluster operations managers and shop teams, aiming to enhance their skills further. The company plans to offer webinars, top tips, best practices, and quizzes during Safer Gambling Week to continue promoting responsible gambling.

McCaffrey highlighted the company’s dedication to player safety, stating that Safer Gambling Week provides an opportunity to reflect on their efforts, share future plans, and educate others about this important topic.

In other news, there have been reports suggesting that DraftKings may be interested in taking over 888.

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