A Review Of Online Poker Room PokerStars

Pokerstars is essentially the largest poker company online.

With millions of registered players and daily peak traffic around 300,000 players, it is easy to understand why people tend to end up at stars. Pokerstars outranks the competition in nearly every category and continues to improve their product and promotions on a regular basis.

What started out as a small, independent poker room developed by a group of successful poker players in 2002 has turned into the dominant player in online poker. Their state-of-the-art software has won many awards and comes loaded with 16 different card games.

They had 65,000 players simultaneously competing in a single tournament and did not experience any lag or delay at all, an achievement in multi-user gaming never achieved before.

Like the name indicates, Pokerstars is the home of many Poker Stars. Chris Moneymaker, the catalyst for the 2004 online poker boom, won his seat at the WSOP off a $39 satellite tournament at PokerStars.

In 2021 the bonus at Pokerstars is very “new player” friendly.

The main problem with poker room bonuses in general is that players must put a lot of faith in a room upfront by making a large initial deposit. This is really tough for players that are brand new to internet poker. Poker Stars has come up with a solution that players seem to love.

When you enter the marketing code as in the above picture, you will receive a bonus on your first, 2nd and 3rd deposit. Each bonus is a 100% match and the maximum bonus is $600. This means you can deposit $10 initially, $50 on the 2nd deposit and if you like the room, you can deposit the other $540 for the full $600 bonus.

Depositing a total of $600 is not required though. To claim this bonus you must enter our marketing code PSP8181 (above right) at the last page of the signup process and the bonus code STARS600 when you make a deposit.

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Banking – Easiest Deposits & Fastest Cashouts

One of the many areas that Pokerstars does well in is banking.

You won’t find another poker room that offers a 100% success rate on deposits or faster cashouts than Pokerstars. The e-check option is convenient, both for deposits and withdrawals. If you submit an e-check cashout on Monday, the money will be in your bank by Wednesday.

They have a long list of other options that shouldn’t be overlooked though. Even their ordinary paper checks are extremely fast, taking 3-5 days to arrive. Even US players will have no trouble like declined deposits at Pokerstars.

2021 Pokerstars Traffic

The best word I can think of to describe the traffic at Pokerstars is “massive”. They are literly larger than over 75% of the countries in the world, when you look at total players. Their daily peak traffic alone reaches around 300,000 players. This means that during the early evening hours in the United States, there will be 300,000 at the tables simultaneously. That is more than their 3 closest competitors combined.

Card Games At Pokerstars

This is another category where Pokerstars blows the competition out of the water. Most rooms offer 5-6 specific card games and that is that. Pokerstars boast 16 different card games that each can be played in 2-3 different formats. They are the only room to offer 5 Card Draw, a mainstay at most home poker games. Their mixed game line-up is also very impressive and they develop challenging new mixed poker varainst on a regular basis.

Promotions At Pokerstars

Once again Pokerstars comes in as the number one poker room in the promotional category. Their cutting edge promotions are updated monthly and provide maximum value for players.

Their VIP program is called the PokerStars VIP Club. It alone allows the average recreational player to earn hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars in free cash gifts, merchandise, tournament seats and bonuses every single month.