One month ago, the leading international online gaming operator, Gamesys, was fined in the United Kingdom for violating AML and social responsibility regulations. Following this, the charity organization, Gambling with Lives, is urging the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) to take stricter action against gambling companies that commit serious violations.

The charity has launched a petition called “Stop Reckless Gambling Firms,” which calls for the revocation of licenses for companies that fail to adhere to the UK’s social responsibility rules. The organization argues that the current fines imposed on these companies are easily affordable for them, thus not serving as a deterrent.

According to Gambling with Lives, unregulated gambling can lead to tragic outcomes such as suicides, with 496 people in Britain taking their lives due to gambling addiction annually. The charity believes that the current fines, which are paid by multi-billion-pound companies, are not a sufficient punishment for the harm caused.

The organization states that big gambling operators earn billions of pounds annually, making the current fines negligible in comparison. As a result, these companies do not feel compelled to change their practices. The recent example of Gamesys, which was fined £6 million for promoting new games to a customer who had just lost £10,000, is cited as evidence of this issue.

Gambling with Lives believes that these operators should face more severe consequences than just monetary fines. The organization argues that the threat of license revocation would force these companies to improve their behavior.

The charity is now seeking public support for its petition, with the goal of convincing the UKGC to take stronger action against serious violators in order to prevent gambling-related deaths in Britain. The petition has already garnered 1,117 signatures, out of its target of 2,000.

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