The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) in Canada is responsible for regulating gambling and ensuring that licensed operators follow the rules. The strict regulations in Ontario are designed to protect consumers from excessive gambling and provide support for those affected by it.

Recently, the AGCO issued a notice of monetary penalty against online gambling operator PointsBet, imposing a CA$150,000 ($108,600) fine. The penalty comes after the Commission found that PointsBet had breached responsible gambling provisions by allowing one customer to spend over CA$500,000 ($361,900) in three months. PointsBet has the option to appeal the decision with the License Appeal Tribunal.

Dr. Karin Schnarr, CEO and Registrar at AGCO, emphasized that licensed gambling operators are obligated to monitor their customers and intervene to prevent excessive gambling. She stated that licensees must take action to reduce gambling harm and at-risk behaviors, and the AGCO will continue to hold operators to high standards in player protection.

In a separate case, the AGCO also announced a CA$80,000 ($59,000) monetary penalty against Woodbine Casino in Toronto, citing insufficient controls against cheating and collusion.

The alleged breaches by PointsBet included failure to provide assistance to a player experiencing gambling harm, allowing the player to lose a significant amount of money without intervention, and engaging in direct advertising without the player’s consent. The AGCO also claimed that PointsBet did not enforce a mandatory cooling-off period and failed to provide proper training for its employees on responsible gambling.

Overall, the AGCO is committed to enforcing regulations to ensure the protection of consumers and prevent excessive gambling in the province of Ontario.

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