Alea, a live data-driven casino game aggregator, has announced the appointment of Jordi Sendra as its new chief executive. This comes as a major shift for the company, as the incumbent CEO, Alex Tomic, has made the decision to step down after leading the company since its founding in 2012. Tomic will transition into a non-executive role, focusing on the company’s strategy in emerging markets such as Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Sendra, who previously served as the company’s chief operating officer for three years, will now take on the role of CEO. Before joining Alea, Sendra held the position of managing director at Fapp Sistemas de AspiraciĆ³n for five years and also gained experience at Synergic Partners, a business consultancy, for over two years.

Following Sendra’s promotion to CEO, Ramon Glieneke will assume the role of COO at Alea. Glieneke brings a wealth of experience in API aggregation to the company and will be responsible for overseeing its day-to-day operations.

In response to his new appointment, Sendra expressed his excitement at leading Alea and welcomed Glieneke to the team. He emphasized the company’s evolution into an exciting aggregator platform and expressed his confidence in Glieneke’s API aggregation experience from the travel sector, which he believes will contribute to the company’s success.

Glieneke also shared his enthusiasm for joining Alea, describing it as a fantastic opportunity to apply his aggregation experience and praising the company as one of the fastest-growing in the iGaming industry.

Overall, the corporate reshuffling at Alea signals a new chapter for the company, with Sendra and Glieneke poised to lead the company into further growth and success.

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