Aristocrat Gaming, a prominent designer, manufacturer, and distributor of games for casinos around the world, has made a significant announcement regarding its expansion in the North American market. The company has successfully secured entry into the video lottery terminal (VLT) gaming market in Québec, Canada, through a partnership with Loto-Québec, the provincial lotto and iGaming operator.

Stéphane Fraser, Loto-Québec’s executive vice president and chief operating officer of gaming establishments, expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating that Loto-Québec is pleased to announce its partnership with Aristocrat Gaming.

Kurt Gissane, Aristocrat’s chief revenue officer, emphasized the importance of the company’s entry into the VLT market in Québec, describing it as a significant milestone that demonstrates the company’s commitment to expanding its product offerings. He also expressed excitement about the opportunity to reach new customers in the province and looks forward to a long-term partnership with Loto-Québec.

In Kurt Gissane’s words, “Gaining entry into the Québec VLT market is another major milestone for the company, demonstrating our vested interest in these emerging segments, and allowing us to bring our award-winning products to new markets and their players.”

Aristocrat Gaming has announced the launch of 10 new games in Québec’s VLT gaming market, featuring popular titles such as Bao Zhu Zhao Fu Red Festival, Fu Dai Lian Lian Panda, Fire Light, Scorchin’ Fortune, Flamin’ Hits, and Prosperity of the Nile, among others. These games will be showcased through the company’s new upright cabinet, MidKnight X.

In addition to its expansion into the Québec market, Aristocrat Gaming recently launched NFL Super Bowl Link, a slot game themed around the NFL, using its MarsX Portrait cabinet. The release was timed to coincide with the Super Bowl and is expected to provide fans with an exciting gaming experience.

Overall, Aristocrat Gaming’s partnership with Loto-Québec and its entry into the VLT gaming market in Québec demonstrate the company’s commitment to bringing its high-quality products to new markets and reaching a wider audience.

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