Aristocrat, a leading gambling giant, has released its annual financial results for the year 2023, revealing strong revenue and EBITDA gains. The company reported operating revenue of AUD 6.3 billion, marking a 13% year-on-year growth, the lowest increase for the company. The performance was largely driven by a strong showing in North America, particularly in the Aristocrat Gaming sector, while Pixel United experienced several factors impacting its performance.

Aristocrat also disclosed a robust EBITDA of AUD 2.1 billion and a net profit of AUD 1.3 billion, representing a 21% increase. The company’s earnings per share saw significant growth, increasing by 26% to 189.6c. Additionally, Aristocrat reported operating cash flow of AUD 1.79 billion and ended the fiscal year with a cash debt of AUD 809 million.

The company saw strong growth in its Premium Class III and Class II installed base, surpassing 64,000 units with an increase of 8.2%. In the US market, Aristocrat maintained its position as the leading supplier, achieving a portfolio performance of 1.4x the floor average. Moreover, the company’s games featured prominently in various top lists, further solidifying its presence in the industry.

CEO Trevor Croker expressed pride in the company’s accomplishments, attributing the “high-quality result” to Aristocrat’s ongoing resilience, competitiveness, and diversification. He also emphasized the sound fundamentals in the markets where the company operates. In FY 2023, Aristocrat forged key partnerships with major companies and organizations, including the Formula 1 Heineken Silver Las Vegas Grand Prix, where the company’s machines became the official slot machines of the event, providing an opportunity for expansion in professional sports.

With licenses in 103 countries and 327 jurisdictions, Aristocrat continues to demonstrate its strong performance and strategic growth in the global gambling market. The company’s annual achievements and strategic partnerships underscore its position as a key player in the industry.

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