A group of Iowa State and Iowa athletes were involved in an investigation last year, uncovering their alleged participation in gambling activities, including betting on their own team and underage gambling. Some of the athletes pleaded guilty to the charges against them, which were based on their level of involvement in the prohibited gambling activities.

Attorney Van Plumb, representing Isaiah Lee and other Iowa State football athletes, filed a motion on Monday alleging issues with the depositions of the agents from Iowa’s Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI). The motion claims that a special agent engaged in a “warrantless” investigation that led to charges against several professional athletes.

According to the motion, Brian Sanger, a special agent with the DCI, was granted access to Kibana, an analytics software tool, which enabled him to analyze online sports wagering applications used in a specific area. This action is described as a warrantless search on the campuses of Iowa and Iowa State.

Sanger allegedly focused on the University of Iowa’s athletic facility without receiving any prior information, complaints, or tips about possible illegal gambling incidents. The motion claims that the special agent targeted more facilities and began requesting subpoenas to obtain account information on hundreds of private citizens without reasonable cause.

The motion argues that the investigation was initiated without any tip or complaint and was conducted without reasonable cause. It also raises concerns about privacy invasion and the lack of evidence of illegal gambling activities. The motion filed by Plumb questions the legality and ethics of the investigation and the actions of the DCI agents.

This motion adds another layer to the controversy surrounding the investigation into the gambling activities of Iowa State and Iowa athletes, bringing attention to the methods and motivations behind the probe. It remains to be seen how this development will impact the ongoing legal proceedings and the repercussions for the athletes involved.

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