Bet365 Expands Reach to Arizona’s Online Sports Betting Market

Bet365 has expanded its presence in the US with its entry into Arizona’s online sports betting market. This expansion allows millions of American adults to access the operator’s industry-leading offerings. The launch in Arizona was made possible through a partnership with the Ak-Chin Indian Community, enabling Bet365 to offer a range of wagering options such as pre-event and in-game wagers, same-game parlays, cash-out products, and edit bet options.

As part of the partnership agreement, Bet365 has committed to donating a million dollars to the tribal organization, supporting local initiatives. The operator’s betting products are now available in a total of nine states, including Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, New Jersey, Ohio, and Virginia, in addition to Arizona.

The timing of Bet365’s entry into Arizona’s sports betting market coincides with the upcoming Super Bowl. The American Gaming Association projects that the game will attract $23.1 billion in bets from over 68 million Americans.

Robert Miguel, chairman of the Ak-Chin Indian Community, welcomed Bet365 to Arizona and expressed optimism about the partnership benefiting both sports fans and the tribal community. Miguel also acknowledged Bet365’s contribution to the tribal organization as a valuable support.

A spokesperson for Bet365 commented on the company’s launch in Arizona, highlighting the state’s vibrant sporting scene and emphasizing the unique experience that Bet365 offers to Arizona sports fans. The spokesperson mentioned market-leading offerings such as bet boosts, fast in-game products, and same-game parlays.

In a recent financial report, Bet365 noted an increase in revenue for FY 2022/23. However, this gain was offset by an increase in operating losses.

Overall, Bet365’s expansion into Arizona’s online sports betting market through its partnership with the Ak-Chin Indian Community marks a significant milestone in its US market penetration. The operator’s commitment to supporting local initiatives and providing a premier sports betting experience aligns with its goal of enhancing the sports betting landscape in various states across the country.

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