Kaizen Gaming’s top betting brand, Betano, has secured a significant partnership as the official sponsor of CONMEBOL, the South American soccer confederation. This collaboration will see Betano sponsor the CONMEBOL Copa America 2024 tournament, solidifying its presence in the world of soccer.

The agreement extends Betano’s partnership with CONMEBOL until 2028, allowing the sports betting operator to capitalize on the popularity of various CONMEBOL tournaments and leagues. These events include the CONMEBOL Pre-Olympic tournament, CONMEBOL Copa America Women, CONMEBOL Copa America Futsal Men and Women, CONMEBOL Copa America Beach Soccer, CONMEBOL U20 Men and Women, CONMEBOL U20 Futsal Men and Women, and CONMEBOL U20 Beach Soccer.

The upcoming CONMEBOL Copa America, scheduled to begin in June across stadiums in the US, presents a prime opportunity for Betano to enhance its brand exposure. This tournament is highly anticipated in the South American soccer calendar and is expected to draw significant attention from fans and stakeholders alike.

Betano’s involvement in soccer sponsorship is not new, as the company previously sealed a deal to become the first-ever gambling partner of the UEFA European Championship. These partnerships underscore the brand’s commitment to supporting professional soccer and expanding its reach in the sports betting industry.

Key figures from both Betano and CONMEBOL have expressed enthusiasm for the partnership. Alejandro Dominguez, the president of CONMEBOL, welcomed Kaizen Gaming and Betano to the CONMEBOL family, citing their dedication to soccer and gaming innovation. He emphasized the alignment of Betano’s vision for the future of South American soccer with CONMEBOL’s own goals, promising unforgettable experiences for fans.

George Daskalakis, the founder and CEO of Kaizen Gaming, echoed these sentiments, expressing his team’s excitement to partner with CONMEBOL. Daskalakis lauded the confederation as the most respected soccer organization in Latin America and emphasized the partnership as a testament to their commitment to excellence. He highlighted Betano’s focus on enhancing fan engagement and providing responsible betting experiences for South American soccer enthusiasts.

Overall, the Betano and CONMEBOL partnership is set to enhance the fan experience and further establish Betano’s presence in the world of soccer. With a focus on responsible betting and fan engagement, the collaboration aims to bring excitement and innovation to the South American soccer landscape.

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