Social platform X, now owned by Elon Musk, is reportedly in talks with leading sports betting and iGaming company, BetMGM. A recent report by Fortune stated that BetMGM is considering a partnership with X, which could potentially include the addition of sports betting odds to the platform.

The announcement comes just before the highly-anticipated Super Bowl LVIII, scheduled to take place at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2024. The potential partnership aims to allow X users to access sports betting odds and promote BetMGM, ultimately helping both companies reach new customers and diversify their revenue streams.

X is known for its popularity during live events, making this partnership particularly relevant. The collaboration could help BetMGM engage with new bettors and sports fans, while also aligning with Musk’s goal of diversifying X’s revenue streams.

BetMGM, a major player in the US sports betting and iGaming market, currently operates in more than a dozen states and has a strong presence among bettors across the country. With this potential partnership, both companies stand to benefit from increased visibility and revenue opportunities.

Overall, the partnership between X and BetMGM has the potential to bring together two powerful brands in the sports and entertainment industry, offering users new and exciting opportunities for engagement and entertainment.

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