Betty, the female-focused online gaming platform, expanded its services to Ontario, Canada in February of last year. The launch followed the acquisition of a license from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), the province’s gambling regulator. Throughout the year, the platform managed to raise an impressive $7 million.

Recently, Betty secured an additional $5 million in pre-Series A funding, led by CEAS Investments. This achievement comes ahead of the upcoming Series A round and saw participation from globally recognized companies such as Powerhouse Capital, HappyHour, and Courtside Ventures.

The influx of capital will be dedicated to enhancing the platform’s live operations and driving customer engagement. Additionally, Betty plans to upgrade its current platform, Midnight 1, to Midnight 2, with the goal of delivering exceptional experiences to its users.

As a female-focused online casino, Betty maintains a strong commitment to engaging with female audiences and providing unique entertainment experiences. The platform also places an emphasis on community-based play, gamification, and transparency, ultimately retaining female players at a rate three times higher than its competitors.

HappyHour’s Managing Partner, Robin Reed, commended Betty’s efforts to prioritize female players and deliver exceptional experiences through its quality platform. He expressed excitement about supporting the platform’s growth and product expertise.

Salim Mitha, Powerhouse Capital’s managing partner and former EVP for Playtika, highlighted Betty’s utilization of industry best practices, attributing the company’s success to these strategies. He noted that Betty’s comprehensive knowledge and utilization of effective strategies have led to increased revenue and customer engagement.

Overall, Betty’s dedication to the female gaming audience and utilization of industry best practices has positioned the platform for continued success and growth in the competitive online gaming market.

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