Crown Resorts, the renowned operator of integrated resorts in Australia, has issued a warning to the public regarding the increasing prevalence of fake social media accounts and ads falsely using the company’s identity. The operator emphasized that online gambling in Australia is strictly prohibited and reaffirmed that it does not offer any form of iGaming. This warning comes as the company continues to grapple with its public image and faces challenges in implementing necessary reforms.

The official caution from Crown Resorts highlighted the growing problem of fraudulent online activities utilizing the company’s name, logo, and other identifying information. It stressed that Crown does not operate an online casino or provide any form of online gambling, as its activities are solely confined to its physical venues. The public was advised to steer clear of engaging with suspicious accounts, refrain from sharing personal information or credit card details, and promptly report any fraudulent content or suspicious activity.

Despite the Australian government’s efforts to crack down on illegal online operators, the country continues to struggle with enforcing regulations, leaving many individuals vulnerable to gambling harm. Crown Resorts reiterated its ongoing collaboration with social media and technology companies to prioritize the removal of fraudulent content.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has been at the forefront of identifying and addressing illegal online operators, frequently requesting internet service providers to block offending websites. However, these measures have had limited success, as offending operators can evade restrictions by changing their IP addresses.

Amid these challenges, Crown Resorts has been actively pursuing comprehensive reform initiatives across its integrated resorts in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth. The company is working diligently to regain its casino licenses following inquiries in these three states, which yielded unfavorable assessments. Despite the hurdles, regulators have noted steady progress, instilling hope for the operator’s future.

Crown Melbourne recently implemented mandatory time and loss limits for patrons using electronic gaming machines, aligning with recommendations from the Finkelstein Royal Commission. The company’s rigorous reform agenda has yielded positive outcomes in various jurisdictions, driven by company-wide safer gambling initiatives and a commitment to achieving compliance.

However, recent developments have raised new concerns about the company’s integrity, with the CEO under investigation for allegedly permitting removed patrons back into the company’s properties. If substantiated, these allegations could significantly impede Crown’s progress toward compliance. The presence of the company’s logo on illegal websites further diminishes its reputation and underscores the challenges it faces in rebuilding public trust.

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