Efforts to Legalize Sports Betting in California Stall Due to Insufficient Support
Efforts to legalize sports betting in California have hit a roadblock once again, as a push for an initiative to appear on the 2024 ballot has been abandoned due to insufficient support. Eagle1 Acquisitions Corp. LLC, co-founded by Reeve Collins and Kasey Thompson, had been leading the charge for the initiative, but has now confirmed that they will not be moving forward.

Thompson had initially expressed intentions to collect the necessary signatures to put the sports betting initiative on the ballot in November, with plans to print 1.2 million petitions. However, he emphasized the need for support from the state’s tribes to see the process through. Despite some initial backing from four tribes, Thompson ultimately faced significant opposition from the state’s three big tribes, leading to a lack of overall support. As a result, the initiative has been abandoned.

Speaking on the decision to forego the initiative, Thompson acknowledged that the main goal was to benefit the tribes, but instead, the proposal ended up causing division among them. He specifically stated, “This initiative was supposed to be for the tribes but is only causing division. That was never my intent. I see now the needed unity is not coming, and so I’m standing good to my word and not moving forward.”

With the initiative now off the table, the future of legal sports betting in California remains uncertain. While there is limited time for discussion with the state’s tribes and the collection of signatures, there is also the possibility of a push from lawmakers to legalize betting. For now, the fate of sports betting in California hangs in the balance.

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