Famous Online Streamer xQc Kicked Out of Canadian Casino

In a recent stream, popular online streamer and social media personality Felix “xQc” made a shocking announcement. The star, known for streaming online casino games on rival platform Kick, stated that he was kicked out of a casino in Canada during a visit with his family. According to xQc, after a birthday dinner, he and his family decided to visit the casino to celebrate and have some fun.

XQc recalled playing with his family members and even withdrawing CA$30,000 ($21,700) from a teller before the encounter took an unexpected turn. The streamer claimed that a casino employee requested his information for a third time, despite already providing it twice and submitting four tax forms. Eventually, three security guards approached him and informed him that he was banned from the casino.

The encounter continued as xQc asked for more information and requested to speak to the casino’s manager. Eventually, he was taken to a corridor that appeared to be an employee-only area, where he was informed that an article from 2022 alleging his gambling addiction had led to his ban from the casino.

After this incident, xQc took to social media to criticize the gambling regulations in Quebec, particularly the monopoly held by Lotto Quebec over all gambling activities in the province. He expressed frustration with the situation and voiced his disapproval of the way gambling activities are regulated in the area.

Notably, xQc also revealed that his total wagers on rival platform Stake have reached close to $3 billion, showing a significant increase from his earlier bets of $40 per spin. This revelation demonstrates the substantial growth in his gambling activities, with recent wagers reaching as high as $50,000 per spin.

The incident at the Canadian casino has sparked discussions among fans and followers of xQc, as well as drawing attention to the broader issues surrounding gambling regulations and celebrity behavior.

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