Culinary Union members in Las Vegas are contemplating an informational picket in response to the failure to reach new contract agreements with casino hotels on the Strip. Employees at several properties are prepared to walk off their jobs in order to demonstrate their desire for new contracts. The strike is set to take place tomorrow and will involve Culinary Union members working at the Rio Las Vegas, SAHARA Las Vegas, and Virgin Hotels Las Vegas leaving their workplaces. Additionally, the Culinary Union plans to initiate 36 hours of continuous picketing of all unsettled casinos.

The Union clarified that tomorrow’s demonstration would be an informational picket and not a full strike. They also urged customers and allies in the community to not cross the picket line on Friday and Saturday where an active picket line is present outside of an unsettled casino. The Culinary Union further extended the strike deadline until February 5 for the 10 downtown Vegas properties without contracts.

Negotiations are ongoing as the Culinary Union, which represents 2,600 workers in the Las Vegas hospitality industry, seeks a five-year agreement. The Union has already achieved several victories through successful negotiations with MGM Resorts, Caesars Entertainment, and Wynn Resorts. Agreements have also been reached with the Plaza casino in downtown Vegas, as well as with independent properties on the Strip. However, potential strikes could disrupt preparations for the Super Bowl, giving the Culinary Union additional leverage in their negotiations.

Overall, the Culinary Union is currently at a standstill with several casino hotels in Las Vegas, and the potential for strikes and picketing demonstrates the determination of its members to secure new contract agreements.

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