The recent ruling by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has brought attention to an ad from Happytiger ApS that featured an individual who appeared to be under the age of 25. The ad, which aired in October and November 2023, showcased a “postgraduate student” sharing his positive experience with the Happy Tiger bingo games.

Despite Happytiger ApS providing proof of the individual’s age, confirming that he was indeed 25 years old at the time of filming, the ASA upheld the complaint against the ad. The ASA acknowledged the proof of age but highlighted the individual’s youthful appearance and speech patterns as reasons for viewers to perceive him as being under 25. Additionally, the reference to him as a “postgraduate student” led the ASA to believe that viewers would assume he was in his early twenties.

While the ad was approved by Clearcast, the non-governmental organization responsible for pre-approving the majority of British television ads, the ASA maintained its ruling that the ad breached the BCAP Code rule 17.4.6 on gambling advertising. As a result, the ad will no longer be broadcast in its current form, and Happytiger ApS was instructed to not feature anyone who was or appeared to be under 25 years old in their future ads.

This ruling comes on the heels of similar decisions by the ASA against other gambling-related ads, including Betfred’s ad placement and People’s Postcode Lottery’s ad. The ASA’s commitment to enforcing advertising regulations in the gambling industry remains evident, as they continue to uphold standards and protect vulnerable audiences from potentially harmful marketing tactics.

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