DraftKings, a prominent digital sports entertainment and gaming company, recently made a significant addition to its team with the appointment of Marie Donoghue as chief business and growth officer. The move, announced on Thursday, is aimed at driving the company’s future expansion and leadership in the entertainment and sports sectors.

Donoghue’s appointment has been widely praised as a strategic hiring decision, with expectations that her extensive experience will play a crucial role in advancing DraftKings’ growth. In her new role, she will be responsible for overseeing various internal processes and collaborating with senior leadership teams to identify and capitalize on new growth opportunities. Ultimately, the company aims to solidify its position as a leading sports and entertainment entity by delivering exceptional products and experiences.

Prior to joining DraftKings, Donoghue held the position of vice president of sports content and partnerships at Amazon US, where she played a key role in the success of Prime Video and Amazon. Notably, she was instrumental in the development of Amazon’s Emmy Award-winning program, Thursday Night Football. Additionally, Donoghue spent nearly two decades at ESPN, where she held important senior-level roles and oversaw significant business partnerships and developments.

Jason Robins, CEO and co-founder of DraftKings, expressed his excitement about welcoming Donoghue to the company’s executive team, citing her knowledge, experience, and dedication as qualities that make her a standout leader in the gaming industry. Donoghue, in turn, expressed her enthusiasm for joining DraftKings during a pivotal phase of its growth, praising the company’s commitment to innovation in gaming and sports. She emphasized the opportunity to play a vital role in the company’s future growth.

Overall, the addition of Marie Donoghue as chief business and growth officer signifies DraftKings’ focus on enhancing its leadership and driving strategic growth initiatives within the competitive sports and entertainment landscape.

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