Gordon Moody, a UK-based charity dedicated to helping those affected by problem gambling, has announced the launch of the Gordon Moody Affected Others Service. This new service aims to provide support, guidance, and counseling to individuals who have a loved one undergoing treatment with Gordon Moody.

The Affected Others Service is currently being piloted at the charity’s center in Dudley and is specifically designed to assist those who have been affected by someone else’s gambling-related harm throughout the entire recovery process. Those affected can access one-on-one therapy, mediation services, and have the opportunity to participate in group sessions with others who have also been impacted by a loved one’s gambling.

One of the key aspects that sets the Affected Others Service apart is its recognition of the importance of involving the family and friends of individuals struggling with problem gambling in the treatment process, ultimately leading to improved outcomes.

The service will be led by experienced staff, including individuals with first-hand experience as affected others. It is expected to evolve through the pilot phase with the goal of being implemented across all of Gordon Moody’s centers by 2024.

Sarah Forshaw, the head of service development at Gordon Moody, emphasized the challenges faced by the loved ones of those affected by problem gambling. She stated that the new service was specifically designed to address the needs of affected others, ultimately enhancing the overall treatment process and allowing individuals to rebuild and thrive, rather than just getting by.

Furthermore, the charity also shared updates about its Alumni Project, which was launched in April. This initiative involved reaching out to 400 former service users to gauge their interest in joining the Alumni newsletter. Since its inception, 45 alumni have been involved in various activities and events, using their own experiences to support others affected by problem gambling.

Overall, Gordon Moody’s new Affected Others Service and the ongoing efforts of its Alumni Project reflect the organization’s commitment to providing comprehensive support for both individuals struggling with problem gambling and their loved ones.

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