The ChristianUnie (CU) Party in the Netherlands is urging Minister for Legal Protection, Franc Weerwind, to support a universal loss limit as part of the country’s Remote Gambling Act (KOA). This measure is aimed at addressing the shortcomings of current safer gambling regulations.

The proposed universal loss limit would be applicable to the 27 online gambling licensees in the country. The intention is to combat excessive online gambling, as the current rules have failed to effectively prevent it. The CU emphasizes the need for this measure to prevent players from simply switching to another operator once they reach their limit.

Mirjam Bikker, leader of the CU, highlighted that the proposal has garnered majority support from several parties in the country, including the Christian Democratic Appeal, Conservative Reform Party, Dutch Socialist Party, and Green Alliance.

However, Minister Weerwind expressed reluctance towards the proposal, stating that it would be challenging to implement. He believes that the focus should be on existing proposals as the legislation is pending.

Weerwind had previously suggested compulsory financial risk checks on player accounts spending more than €350 a month, as well as a €150 non-universal loss limit for customers under 24. The CU raised the concern that with 27 legal operators in the Netherlands, young people could still switch to another operator once they hit the monthly €150 limit, allowing them to continue gambling without restriction.

The CU and CDA criticized Weerwind’s reluctance to address gambling addiction directly and implement measures to protect Dutch consumers. The CDA even argued for the abolition of the KOA, citing its failure to protect local players from harm.

In an effort to safeguard local gamblers, the Netherlands recently implemented a ban on untargeted gambling advertisements. This move is part of ongoing efforts to protect the safety of local gamblers amidst the evolving landscape of online gambling.

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