Last year, there was a significant fraudulent scheme uncovered in Macau involving the use of nearly 1,000 fake chips at the Galaxy Macau Casino. This type of criminal activity continues to be a concern for casino operators, as evidenced by a recent case in Cotai City.

The Judiciary Police in Macau recently arrested individuals suspected of being involved in similar activities. A casino in Cotai City notified law enforcement after discovering inconsistencies related to 25 chips found in the bead trays of two gaming tables. The investigation revealed that the casino had been defrauded by a group of individuals who had transformed HK$100 chips into HK$10,000 chips. This resulted in an estimated loss of HK$1.62 million for the casino.

Four individuals allegedly involved in the fraudulent activity were detained by the casino’s security guards, but it was discovered that more people were involved. Additionally, another suspect was successfully tracked down and detained by the police. All of the detainees were mainland China residents who claimed to have acted upon directions given by a higher-ranking member of the criminal group.

In cooperation with the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department and the Zhuhai Criminal Police Detachment, three key members of the criminal group were detained in mainland China. In total, eight people allegedly involved in the criminal activity were arrested. The investigation into the case continues, as law enforcement works to uncover and prosecute all individuals involved in the fraudulent scheme. Casino operators and law enforcement agencies remain vigilant in their efforts to combat such criminal activities and protect the integrity of the gaming industry.

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