The San Francisco 49ers have announced a groundbreaking collaboration with Foliatti Casino, a prominent casino brand from Mexico. This partnership aims to expand the 49ers’ reach and connect with more players in Mexico, marking an important milestone for the football team.

Under the terms of the agreement, Foliatti Casino will become the presenting sponsor of the 49ers’ Spanish-language website. Additionally, Spanish-speaking fans will have the opportunity to participate in a free-to-play game, where they can compete each week for prizes such as casino credit and unique merchandise.

Furthermore, the collaboration will involve various activations, including an official 49ers Watch Party sponsored by Foliatti Casino. This event, expected to take place in the coming months, will cater to NFL and 49ers fans in Mexico.

The partnership specifically covers Foliatti Casino’s land-based casinos located in Monterrey, Guadalajara, and the State of Mexico. Sales and activation initiatives will be handled by Arbol Media and Wasserman Latam. More details about upcoming events in Mexico will be disclosed in due time.

Pamela Loman Huerta, Foliatti’s operations director, highlighted the growing popularity of American football in Mexico and expressed excitement about the collaboration. She believes it presents a unique opportunity for the 49ers to connect with their fan base in the country and create joint experiences for players and VIPs.

Ryan Connors, the San Francisco 49ers’ senior director, also emphasized the significance of the collaboration. He praised Foliatti Casino as an authentic Mexican brand and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to engage with new communities in Mexico and provide unique experiences for 49ers fans across the country.

This collaboration is expected to further enhance the 49ers’ presence in Mexico. It follows other recent activities organized by the team in the country, including fan rallies, watch parties, and a youth camp organized by the 49ers Foundation.

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