More than twelve months have passed since the scandal involving the well-known streamer, Sliker. He was accused of scamming fans and fellow streamers out of thousands of dollars, with media reports claiming he had scammed over $300,000 from his victims.

In the wake of the scandal, Twitch recently made changes to its policies concerning the streaming of gambling content. Sliker himself was banned from Twitch this summer, which wasn’t surprising given the accusations against him.

Now, over a year after the scamming scandal, Sliker recently participated in an interview with BeckaTV, revealing troubling details about his gambling addiction and the impact it had on his life and mental health. During the interview, Sliker, who started streaming on Twitch’s rival platform, Kick, admitted to being a gambling addict.

He confessed to scamming many people to fuel his addiction, stating, “I scammed a lot of people to fuel my addiction because I would gamble a lot of money every day.” He also revealed that he would ask fellow streamers, viewers, friends, and even family members for money because he didn’t have any.

Discussing his constant gambling activities, Sliker admitted to gambling non-stop, every day, regardless of his location or activities. He shared stories of gambling in the hospital, while showering, and even at funerals. He also recalled gambling while traveling on a plane with internet connection.

Sliker admitted that he was unable to control his addiction, leading to thoughts of suicide and self-harm. His actions also impacted his family, with Sliker acknowledging that he lied to them to receive money for gambling, causing his father to lose trust in him.

Despite the challenges he faced, Sliker expressed his dedication to repaying the people he scammed. Fellow streamers like Ludwig and xQc offered to help him settle the debt, and while most of it has been repaid, he still plans to repay the remaining amount. He also realized the impact on the viewers he scammed and expressed his intention to pursue a career as a streamer in real life.

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