Continent 8 Technologies has recently announced the appointment of Dave Phillips as the new vice president of network. Phillips brings with him years of experience in engineering, operation, delivery, and product-related roles, making him a valuable addition to the company during its rapid global expansion.

With a presence in over 100 locations across four continents, including 30 US states, Continent 8 Technologies is looking to expand further into North American jurisdictions. As the new VP of network, Phillips will be responsible for overseeing this expansive network and ensuring that the company remains the leading provider of secure, high-speed, and low-latency connectivity to the iGaming industry.

Phillips, a former Google employee, will be leading a global team of networking specialists located in offices across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Singapore, and India. His goal is to further develop the company’s innovative product set and strengthen its position as the infrastructure partner of choice for many of the biggest operators and suppliers in the global gaming industry.

Expressing his excitement about joining Continent 8, Phillips praised the company’s connected network as the backbone of the iGaming industry, highlighting its infrastructure capabilities. Edward O’Connor, the company’s chief technology officer, also welcomed Phillips on board, citing his extensive experience in the Internet industry as a valuable asset to help Continent 8 retain its leadership position.

O’Connor emphasized the significance of Phillips’s appointment in ensuring that Continent 8 continues to innovate and serve its customers for the next 25 years. He expressed confidence in Phillips and emphasized that he is “joining a fantastic team” of professionals at Continent 8 Technologies.

The company’s growth and expansion have been further supported by the appointment of Jeremie Kanter as director of regulatory affairs last year, demonstrating Continent 8’s commitment to strengthening its leadership position in the iGaming industry.

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