MGM Grand Executive Pleads Guilty to Not Filing Suspicious Activity Reports

Former Resorts World chief operating officer and president, Scott Sibella, pleaded guilty to not filing suspicious activity reports while working at MGM Grand back in 2018. The guilty plea was made in front of the US District Court in Los Angeles.

Sibella may face a penalty of a fine of up to $250,000 along with up to five years of imprisonment. He spent eight years with MGM Grand Las Vegas before being appointed as Resorts World’s chief operating officer and president.

Sibella’s career in the gaming and entertainment industry started decades ago at the Golden Nugget. He moved up the ranks and was appointed as chief operating officer and president at The Mirage in 2007. After that, Sibella joined MGM Grand.

Resorts World parted ways with Sibella back in September, citing breaches to the terms of his employment agreement and violations of company policies.

In response to the recent report, Sibella spoke about his extensive contributions to the industry over the last 35 years. He expressed gratitude toward his colleagues and emphasized that he took no action for personal benefit.

In addition to the federal lawsuit, Sibella is also a defendant in another legal claim filed by Robert “RJ” Cipriani. The lawsuit alleges that Sibella and Resorts World failed to identify illegal gambling activities at the famous casino.

The guilty plea and legal claims have brought Sibella’s actions while at MGM Grand and Resorts World under scrutiny. It remains to be seen what the repercussions of his guilty plea and the legal claims against him will be.

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