France’s gambling regulator, L’Autorité Nationale Des Jeux (ANJ), has made significant changes to its Liste Sport, the list of authorized sports betting offerings in the country. The list has been reduced to 772 entries, with 179 competitions being removed following a review in December.

The ANJ stated that the decision to remove several dozen competitions was made in response to extensive market research and aimed to prevent the manipulation of results in professional sports. The objective of the Liste Sport is to provide a comprehensive list of authorized offerings in France, prevent match-fixing, limit bets on certain competitions, and prohibit knowledge-based bets.

The authority emphasized that the list needed to be updated as it was last modified in 2010 and was no longer clear and coherent. Some competitions no longer exist, while others, such as the Tunisian soccer league, carry an increased risk of match manipulation. The Armenian soccer championship also no longer met the ANJ’s criteria.

In addition to the removal of competitions, the ANJ announced specific changes to the types of bets allowed. The final of the NCAA First Division (March Madness) will be the only authorized NCAA offering due to its attractiveness, but the league will still be subject to restrictions to address the increased risks of match-fixing. The regulator also lifted some restrictions, allowing basketball bets on the number of points scored by players and removing the ban on handicap bets in tennis.

The review of the Liste Sport aims to make it easier for operators to comply with local regulations. The new version of the list is clearer, with simplified wording and broader categories for types of bets. However, the general principles of the list, such as betting on sporting stakes and prohibiting bets on negative actions, remain unchanged.

The new sporting list will be effective from March 1, 2024, giving operators and bettors time to adjust to the changes.

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