Sumsub, a full-cycle verification platform, has unveiled the industry’s first integrated solution for user verification, anti-fraud, and compliance in the gaming sector. The brand-new Full-Cycle Verification and Player Risk Profiling tool enables platforms and operators to seamlessly cover the entire player lifecycle while optimizing revenue in a secure and compliant manner.

Recognized as the first provider to offer a holistic verification solution that encompasses all aspects of player onboarding, fraud prevention, and compliance, Sumsub’s new solution is built on four core pillars of verification. Firstly, the tool ensures swift and secure Player Onboarding that complies with the regulations of over 220 jurisdictions worldwide. Leveraging KYC/AML, age verification, and proof of address, the solution enables the onboarding of new customers in under 30 seconds. Additionally, the Non-Doc Verification functionality allows users in certain countries to simply enter their ID number without the need to scan any documents.

The second pillar focuses on Fraud Prevention to assist operators in combatting account-related fraud, bonus abuse, and affiliate fraud, helping them minimize related losses. Furthermore, Sumsub’s Player Risk Profiling and Analytics module aids operators in identifying at-risk players and implementing intervention strategies. Customizable options ensure that companies can tailor the solution to their specific needs. Finally, the solution incorporates a Responsible Gaming feature based on Sumsub’s Transaction Monitoring system and compliance sector expertise, enabling gambling companies to proactively prevent regulatory violations.

Co-founder and chief innovation officer of Sumbsub, Jacob Sever, expressed that gaming operators often struggle with multiple solutions to address their players’ lifecycles, which rarely align with their specific needs or user profiles of gamblers. This has led many gambling companies to develop in-house solutions. However, Sumsub aims to change this by offering an unprecedented full-cycle verification platform tailored for gaming companies.

Sever further highlighted the incorporation of the Player Risk Profiling and Analytics module as a reinforcement of Sumsub’s commitment to supporting gaming operators and platforms in risk reduction. The company’s new solution builds upon its experience in the sector and previously released Responsible Gaming solution. Overall, Sumsub’s comprehensive offering is set to streamline the verification, anti-fraud, and compliance processes for gaming operators and platforms.

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