Genius Sports Introduces Revolutionary Pricing Solution for Online Betting Market

Genius Sports has announced the launch of a groundbreaking automated pricing solution called Edge, which aims to revolutionize the online betting market. According to the company, Edge is the first of its kind and is set to maximize profits across a wide range of sports events and bets.

The new solution is capable of recalculating odds in real time at both fixture and market-type levels, optimizing the profitability of bets and bet builders. Edge seeks to surpass existing risk management solutions that often limit players, with Genius Sports arguing that current tools fail to fully optimize the multitude of sporting events and maximize the margin of every bet.

Trials of Edge with Genius Sports clients have shown an average increase of 18% in margins, highlighting its potential to significantly boost profitability. The solution is now available either as a standalone offering or as part of the Genius Trading Services suite.

Thomas Holland, product director at Genius Sports, expressed his excitement about the launch of Edge, describing it as a “ground-breaking solution” that will be rolled out to the company’s network of partners. He emphasized that existing risk management services often restrict bookmakers and customers, resulting in missed opportunities for operators and a less-than-ideal betting experience for bettors. According to Holland, Edge will not only maximize in-play betting profits but also minimize losses on less favorable days for operators.

The release of Edge comes on the heels of last year’s introduction of BetVision, a product that transformed NFL betting by providing low-latency live game video streams enhanced with betting odds and betslips. This innovation was quickly adopted by several operators, including FanDuel, which integrated the solution into its premium NFL offering.

With the ongoing growth of sports and sports betting in the United States, Genius Sports sees significant opportunities to continue innovating and expanding its presence in the market. The company’s latest offerings, Edge and BetVision, reflect its commitment to driving positive change and delivering top-notch solutions for both operators and bettors in the ever-evolving online betting industry.

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