Genting Casinos UK Shuts Down Westclif-on-Sea Property Due to Structural Integrity Concerns

Genting Casinos UK made the decision to temporarily close its casino in Westclif-on-Sea due to concerns over the structural integrity of the building. The use of reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) in the construction of the property has compromised its safety, prompting the closure.

RAAC, which was commonly used in the mid-20th century as a cost-effective and lighter alternative to traditional reinforced concrete, has been plagued by structural issues since the 1990s. Reports of a roofing collapse at a British primary school in the early 21st century further raised concerns about the reliability and suitability of the material for construction.

With fears of potential structural integrity problems, Genting opted to shut down the Westclif-on-Sea property to avoid exposing its customers to unnecessary danger. A routine inspection revealed the use of RAAC in the construction of the roof, posing significant risks to casino-goers.

While Genting did not provide a timeline for when the casino would reopen, the company assured the public that updates would be provided. In the meantime, they encouraged gamblers to visit other gambling venues for their entertainment.

The closure of the Westclif-on-Sea casino is not the only setback for Genting, as the gambling operator also had to shut down the historic Crockfords Casino in October. Operating for 195 years, Crockfords Casino was the oldest gambling property in the UK until its permanent closure was announced.

Genting Casinos UK’s President, Paul Willcock, cited a decline in foreign visitation and a lack of high rollers as contributing factors to the casino’s closure. However, some believe that local regulations, which require visitors to prove the source of their funds, have also played a role in the decline of high-end casinos.

As properties throughout the UK continue to address concerns related to RAAC, including the replacement of components in existing buildings, the closures of these iconic casinos serve as a reminder of the importance of prioritizing structural safety and integrity in the construction and operation of commercial properties.

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