Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), a leading provider of testing services for the gambling industry, has announced the promotions of two of its experienced employees, Ginnie Hollis and Samantha Powell, to vice president positions. These promotions are seen as significant steps in reinforcing the company’s global leadership team.

Ginnie Hollis, based in GLI’s office in Colorado, USA, has been appointed as VP of engineering. In her new role, she will focus on supporting and developing teams, regulators, suppliers, and operators primarily in the digital space on a global scale. Hollis, who has been with GLI since 2005, previously served as the company’s director of engineering and has worked extensively with global and remote teams, as well as new and existing clients.

Similarly, Samantha Powell, based in GLI’s office in Adelaide, Australia, has also been promoted to VP of engineering. Powell will be responsible for supporting and developing teams, regulators, suppliers, and operators primarily in the land-based gaming space on a global level. She joined GLI in 2001 and has been involved in overseeing teams in engineering, math, compliance, and quality assurance. Prior to her promotion, Powell served as general manager of GLI APAC.

The promotions of Hollis and Powell have been commended by GLI’s chief delivery officer, Mackenzie Haugh. Haugh praised the two women as exemplary industry professionals, stating that their promotions will benefit both the company and its clients. Haugh emphasized the mindset, capability, and effort displayed by Hollis and Powell, noting that their appointments to key roles in the digital and land-based divisions will further enhance the experience for customers and team members.

GLI also highlighted that these promotions recognize the skills of Hollis and Powell, reflecting why many engineers view GLI as an employer of choice. Additionally, the company disclosed that it has recently obtained accreditation for its testing labs in India and Canada, further solidifying its position as a provider of top-quality land-based, lottery, and iGaming testing and assessment services worldwide.

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