The focus of the 2024 legislative session in Alabama has been revealed by State Gov. Kay Ivey in her 2024 State of the State Address. Addressing several important initiatives, Gov. Ivey highlighted the priorities for lawmakers this year, including election voting, education, and gaming. Specifically, she voiced her support for a proposal to prohibit ballot harvesting in Alabama.

In addition to election voting, Gov. Ivey also backed an education proposal and discussed the need to address the state’s gambling issue. She expressed hope that lawmakers would further review a proposal for the expansion of gambling in Alabama and vowed to monitor its progress closely.

The proposal for the expansion of gambling in Alabama is sponsored by Rep. Chris Blackshear. It calls for the development of casino gambling at various locations, the establishment of a lottery, and the legalization of online sports betting. This proposal marks the first time in more than two decades that residents in Alabama will have the opportunity to vote on a gambling proposal.

Gov. Ivey believes that the proposal will aid in the fight against illegal gambling and deliver regulated forms of gambling, including a lottery. She expressed her gratitude to Speaker Ledbetter and his leadership team for their work on the proposal and emphasized the importance of Alabama voters having another say on the issue.

Despite the long road ahead for the gambling proposal, the support from Gov. Ivey sends a clear signal to lawmakers about the significance of the matter. The success of the proposal hinges on majority approval from the state’s Senate and House, as well as a green light from Alabama’s voters. As the legislative session progresses, the future of these initiatives, including the gambling proposal, will continue to be a focal point for lawmakers in Alabama.

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