A recent survey by the international firm YouGov has found that women’s sports are equally appealing to both male and female bettors. The study, which received funding from sports data company StatsPerform and Women’s Sports Group, aimed to gauge bettors’ interest in women’s sports and their preferences for betting options.

The survey, conducted in August 2023, gathered responses from 2,500 male and 2,500 female bettors. It revealed that more than 60% of female bettors and 46% of male bettors who were familiar with betting on women’s sports expressed a desire for more opportunities to bet on women’s soccer.

The study also found that around 60% of both male and female sports bettors who placed wagers at least once a month were actively watching or following women’s sports. Additionally, 81% of male bettors and 96% of female bettors who watched women’s sports expressed interest in men’s sports as well.

Women’s soccer emerged as one of the most popular sports among both male and female sports bettors, ranking among the top four sports watched. However, the survey also revealed a discrepancy in betting behaviors, with a significantly higher percentage of bettors wagering on men’s soccer compared to women’s soccer.

When asked why they do not bet on women’s soccer, 38% of male sports bettors cited lack of consideration, and 34% attributed it to a lack of knowledge. Interestingly, two-thirds of female bettors who are actively interested in women’s sports are 45 or younger.

Overall, the survey highlighted the growing interest in women’s sports among both male and female bettors and the desire for more betting options in this sector. It also shed light on the factors influencing betting behaviors and preferences among sports bettors. This study adds to the growing body of research on the evolving landscape of sports betting and the role of women’s sports within it.

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