Illegal gambling and associated crimes are still rampant in China, despite ongoing efforts by law enforcement to crack down on these activities. In a recent string of operations in Hong Kong, more than 300 people were arrested for their alleged involvement in illegal gambling and money laundering. The operations involved over 2,000 police officers and resulted in the bust of multiple brothels and gambling dens.

The crackdown on illegal gambling and associated crimes continues, with recent police operations resulting in the arrest of 130 people suspected of participating in money laundering and illegal gambling. According to reports, the individuals involved were able to launder an estimated HK$15 million ($1.92 million) in illicit funds.

Further arrests were made over the weekend, with law enforcement detaining individuals believed to be part of a money laundering operation. Among the detainees were individuals from various occupations, including transport workers, bar owners, businessmen, and beauty salon managers. Four of the individuals arrested were believed to be members of the triad gang, with one suspected to be the ringleader of the money laundering operation.

According to the police, the alleged leader of the money laundering syndicate used bank accounts belonging to different businesses to transfer large sums of money, despite having no legitimate businesses under their name. It was reported that the illicit activity had been ongoing for a decade, with over 600 money transactions conducted since 2013.

In addition to these arrests, more than 120 individuals were detained in connection to five illegal gambling dens and an illegal gas station offering various forms of gambling, including baccarat, gambling machines with fishing games, and mahjong. The raids, conducted in Sheung Shui and Ta Kwu Ling, resulted in the seizure of bank cards, cash, documents, and an estimated HK$2.5 million ($320,000) in allegedly illicit proceeds.

While some of the detainees were released on bail, others are already facing charges, and additional arrests have not been ruled out by the Hong Kong police. These ongoing operations serve as a reminder of the persistent issue of illegal gambling and the efforts being made to combat it.

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