Lottery winners and gamblers who hit the jackpot are often targeted by robbers, and a recent incident involving a man from Irvine, California, is a reminder of the risks that come with taking home a hefty prize. After visiting a casino in Los Angeles County, the man was attacked by two individuals who attempted to rob him on his way home.

The Irvine Police Department released a report detailing the incident, which took place last week. While the victim’s name and the specific casino he had visited were not disclosed, it was revealed that the robbery attempt occurred as he was heading home. The report did not confirm whether the victim was physically harmed during the incident.

Following the attempted robbery, two men who matched the description of the suspects were apprehended in Compton. It was discovered that they were in possession of replica firearms and had been involved in robberies of commercial buildings across Los Angeles County. The Irvine Police Department confirmed that these crimes took place after the robbery attempt in Irvine and assured the community that there is currently no danger.

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, a deadly shootout near the Strat Hotel, Casino & SkyPod resulted in the loss of two lives and left two others injured. According to media reports, an argument between the men escalated into a shootout, highlighting the potential dangers that can arise in casino-related incidents.

The incidents serve as a reminder of the risks that come with taking home large sums of money from casinos, and the need for increased security measures to ensure the safety of individuals who may become targets for robbery or other criminal activities. The investigations into both incidents continue as law enforcement works to ensure the safety of the community and prevent future occurrences.

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