Madison Square Garden Entertainment (MSG) has ambitious plans to construct a giant sphere-shaped entertainment venue in London, resembling the Sphere in Las Vegas. However, London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has rejected the idea due to concerns about light pollution and the negative impact it would have on residents.

The proposed London Sphere, measuring 90 meters, would be located in Stratford near the Olympic Park. The brightly illuminated music venue is known for its ability to project images on its surface, but Khan believes that the design is not well-suited for London’s lifestyle and would create an “unacceptable negative impact” on the area’s residents.

Khan also expressed concerns about the property being too dominant and incongruous, as well as the potential environmental instability due to the large amounts of energy needed to power it. These concerns led to the rejection of MSG’s proposal, which was initially met with some favor from Khan in 2018.

In response to Khan’s decision, MSG expressed their disappointment and announced that they would redirect their efforts to “forward-thinking cities” that are more open to enhancing their communities with such technology. Despite MSG’s disappointment, the decision to reject the London Sphere has received support from the Green party and Labour representatives, who view it as good news for local residents.

Despite the setback in London, MSG remains committed to expanding its entertainment ventures in other cities that are open to innovative projects like the Sphere.

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