Kindred Group Continues Progress in Journey Towards Zero

Kindred Group has made further strides in its Journey towards Zero initiative, aiming to minimize the funds it receives from problem gambling. The company recently announced that only 3.1% of its revenue in Q4 2023 came from harmful gambling, a decrease from the 3.3% reported in Q3 of the same year.

In addition, the healthier gambling behavior effect after interventions showed a significant increase, reaching 87.4% in Q4 2023 compared to 86.4% in Q3. This demonstrates Kindred’s ongoing commitment to promoting responsible and sustainable gambling practices. The company has expressed its determination to continue improving this number and reducing its reliance on revenue from problem players.

Throughout 2023, the share of Kindred’s revenue from harmful gambling fluctuated between 3.1% and 3.3%, but the company remains dedicated to further reducing this figure as part of its Journey towards Zero initiative.

This initiative is part of Kindred’s effort to transform the gambling industry and establish itself as a trusted provider of entertainment. By increasing transparency and facilitating fact-based discussions about problem gambling, Kindred aims to create a safer and healthier environment for all players.

Alexander Westrell, Kindred Group’s director of communications, emphasized the company’s long-term approach to addressing the decline in revenue from harmful gambling. He highlighted the steady decrease in funds derived from problem gambling since the launch of the Journey towards Zero initiative in 2020. Westrell also noted the substantial improvement in healthier gambling behavior after interventions, which has risen from 64.9% in Q3 2021 to 87.4% in Q4 2023.

Westrell cited the transparent reporting and consistent effort as evidence of Kindred’s company-wide commitment to this initiative, stating that it has become an integral part of the company’s values.

In addition to its progress in responsible gambling, Kindred Group recently announced a partnership with Optimove for CRM marketing solutions. Through this collaboration, Optimove will support Kindred’s Unibet brand with the necessary tools for growth. This partnership further underscores Kindred’s dedication to enhancing the overall experience for its customers.

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