Two individuals employed as baccarat dealers in Las Vegas have been accused of cheating and allowing players to win large sums of money. These individuals, Yuxuan Leng and an unnamed second dealer at the Rampart Casino in Summerlin, are facing charges for their alleged involvement in the scheme.

The suspicious activity was brought to the attention of the Nevada Gaming Control Board in May 2022 by a representative from the casino. It was reported that two regular baccarat players had experienced an unusual increase in their winnings. Upon reviewing surveillance footage, casino staff discovered that the dealers had been secretly revealing the gaming cards to the players before the game had concluded.

Court documents revealed that the two dealers had been flashing the cards to the players, providing them with an unfair advantage in deciding whether to raise their bets. As a result, the players won more than $5,000 each over the course of six incidents.

The two baccarat players were later interrogated by casino security workers, with one admitting to having an agreement with the dealers and taking advantage of the knowledge of the cards they provided. The second player denied involvement in the scheme.

Similarly, the unnamed dealer denied intentionally showing the cards and claimed to be a fast but sloppy dealer. Despite denying any involvement, the dealer was still arrested. Yuxuan Leng, on the other hand, could not be reached by investigators, leading to a warrant being issued for her arrest. She was eventually arrested on November 2.

According to 8 News Now, Leng is expected to appear in court in December, while the status of the other dealer remains unconfirmed. The investigation into the cheating scheme involving the baccarat dealers and players at the Rampart Casino continues, and legal proceedings are ongoing.

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