Tensions are rising in Las Vegas as the Culinary Union ramps up its preparations for an upcoming strike against major casino resorts like MGM Resorts, Caesars Entertainment, and Wynn Resorts. The strike is set to take place on November 10, and union members have been busy creating picket signs at their headquarters near Wyoming Avenue and S. Las Vegas Boulevard.

Union members are expressing their dissatisfaction with their current working conditions and job security. Aretha Wilder, a union member, emphasized that they have worked tirelessly for these companies and deserve better treatment. She mentioned the need to avoid having their hours cut and being forced to work multiple stations. Another union member, Elsa Roldan, highlighted the limited progress in negotiations and their unwavering determination to secure a fair contract.

Despite ongoing discussions, union officials are not satisfied with the current state of negotiations. Ted Pappageorge, the Union’s Secretary-Treasurer, admitted that there has been some movement in recent weeks but it still falls short. He cautiously expressed optimism that a settlement could be reached if any company made substantial concessions, hinting at the possibility of strikes against one, two, or even three of these companies.

In addition to the labor dispute, concerns have been raised regarding the upcoming Formula 1 Grand Prix scheduled to begin on November 16. The Culinary Union is urging race attendees to support their cause by avoiding crossing picket lines and boycotting hotels and casinos affected by the labor dispute.

Amidst all these tensions, the Culinary Union remains steadfast in its demands for fair treatment and just contracts. They argue that the proposals put forth by the employers, while historic, are not enough. Union leaders, including Secretary-Treasurer Ted Pappageorge, emphasize the workers’ rights and point out the substantial profits enjoyed by the corporations involved.

Two weeks ago, the Culinary Workers Union organized a peaceful demonstration to draw attention to their ongoing contract talks with prominent casinos in Las Vegas. Approximately 58 demonstrators were detained during the protest, which aimed to raise concerns about salary increases and improved working conditions.

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