A man from Oklahoma has received a life sentence for the murder of a man who joked about winning at a local casino. The incident occurred in October 2020 at a house party in Muskogee, where Kevin Marvell Jackson, 22, met Bradley Dillon, 19, and Dakota Berryhill. After Dillon and Berryhill joked about winning $10,000 at Creek Nation Casino Muskogee, Jackson decided to rob them, only to find out they had no money. In anger, he threatened them with a gun and demanded they withdraw cash from an ATM. When Berryhill drove away, Jackson shot Dillon five times, killing him.

Dillon was taken to St. Francis Hospital but was pronounced dead. Vicky Garza witnessed the murder and helped police identify Jackson, who was eventually arrested several weeks later. Jackson was sentenced to two life sentences without the possibility of parole, as well as 180 months for robbery and 180 months for using a firearm for a violent crime. Attorney Christopher Wilson stated that there is no place in society for individuals who commit such cold-hearted acts.

In unrelated legal news, two Las Vegas dealers were arrested for reportedly aiding two regular baccarat players in winning large sums of money.

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