Bally’s Bronx Casino Project Faces Uncertainty with New Republican Council Member

The future of Bally’s Bronx casino project is now uncertain following the victory of Kristy Marmorato, a Republican, in the Bronx. Marmorato, who has been vocal about her opposition to the project, defeated the incumbent District 13 representative Marjorie Velasquez, marking a historic win for the Republicans in the Bronx.

Velasquez had been a supporter of Bally’s casino project, believing it would bring economic benefits to the local community. However, Marmorato has expressed concerns about the potential negative impact of the casino on the well-being of the residents in the Bronx.

Marmorato pointed out that the Bronx already has high rates of asthma and raised concerns about the increased traffic that a casino could bring to the area, calling it an “environmental nightmare.”

With Marmorato set to take office in January, Bally’s could face significant obstacles in moving forward with its casino plans in the Bronx.

The New York casino license race continues, with Bally’s eyeing the Ferry Links Golf Course property for its casino resort. The property, previously leased to the Trump Organization, is now in Bally’s plans following a $60 million deal to secure the lease transfer.

The lease had been under scrutiny following controversies surrounding the Trump Organization, and the New York Parks Department is now looking to Bally’s as a suitable successor to the property.

Meanwhile, the Soloviev Group has updated its proposal in hopes of securing one of the three casino licenses. The updated plan includes over 500 permanent affordable housing units to make its bid more attractive.

In other New York gambling news, the state set a new record as the first jurisdiction in the US to surpass $2 billion in monthly betting handle, reaching an impressive $2,006,823,408 in September.

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