In recent months, Max “Blessed” Holloway has made headlines in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), ranking first in the Featherweight category in July and becoming the second-ranked UFC artist in men’s pound-for-pound rankings in September. Now, the five-times UFC title winner has announced a groundbreaking partnership with popular streaming platform

Holloway, who is known for describing himself as a “proud husband, daddest man on the Planet” and calls himself the “best boxer in the UFC” on his social media, has become the first MMA artist to officially join Kick. While he is no stranger to the gaming and live-streaming platform, this partnership means he will now be joining them as an official partner.

The pro fighter has a history of engaging his audience with his gaming content, streaming Call of Duty Warzone gameplay, as well as playing games like Grand Theft Auto and EA Sports UFC. Now, he is set to bring his expertise to the table by streaming a variety of content, including Fortnite, Apex Legends, UFC 5, and Madden.

Holloway’s first official stream as a Kick Partner took place on November 17, during which he played Apex Legends, engaged with his subscribers and chat members, and hosted fan giveaways. The UFC legend has expressed his excitement for joining the Kick community, praising the platform’s functionality and sense of community. He looks forward to building and growing alongside the Kick family.

Despite his busy MMA training schedule, Holloway plans to stream over 10 hours a week on the platform. However, he will also be making a return to the UFC Octagon at the beginning of 2024. Kick’s chief marketing officer, Akhil Sarin, has expressed excitement about Holloway joining the platform, noting the high interest and engagement that his initial streams attracted.

In other UFC news, the organization recently announced a partnership with sports betting compliance solution, ProhiBet, as a means of reinforcing regulatory compliance and combating prohibited activities related to sports bets. As Holloway continues to make waves in both the UFC and gaming communities, fans can look forward to more exciting content from the MMA star on

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