Superbet Group, the leading sports betting operator in Romania, has announced the appointment of a new chief executive officer, Jimmy Maymann, effective January 15, 2024. Maymann, who previously served as the deputy chair of the company’s board of directors, brings with him extensive corporate experience in various senior and board-level positions.

With a track record as an innovator and entrepreneur, Maymann has specialized in the foundation and development of technology, media service, telecom, and NGO companies. His impressive accomplishments include the creation and development of over 10 companies, including the successful sale of the video content platform GoViral, which was acquired by AOL. Additionally, Maymann has previously served as the CEO of The Huffington Post.

Following Maymann’s appointment, the current CEO, Johnny Hartnett, will step down and join the board as a non-executive director. The chairman of Superbet Group’s board, Hans Hogler-Albrecht, commended Maymann’s background and expertise, expressing confidence in his ability to positively impact the company’s strategy and business model.

In response to his new role, Maymann expressed his excitement and commitment to contributing his expertise to furthering Superbet’s position as a global leader in the technology and entertainment sector. Meanwhile, Hartnett reflected on his tenure as CEO, describing it as “the ride of a lifetime” and expressing gratitude to his colleagues for their support. He pledged to ensure a smooth transition of responsibilities to Maymann and indicated his willingness to continue working with Superbet as part of the board of directors.

Established in 2008, Superbet Group has grown to become the largest sports betting operator in Romania and has expanded its presence to markets outside of the country, including Serbia, Belgium, and Poland. With backing from major shareholders such as Blackstone, Superbet is poised for continued growth and industry leadership under the guidance of its new CEO, Jimmy Maymann.

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