Microgaming, a leading online gaming supplier, has announced a major rebranding of its corporate and Play It Forward websites. With a history dating back to 1994, the company has established a strong global presence and is known for its innovative gaming solutions.

The decision to overhaul its websites comes as Microgaming enters its fourth decade of operation. The company aims to visually rebrand its websites to reflect its transformative journey while maintaining its iconic logo. According to Alex Wilson, the head of marketing at Microgaming, the rebranding will inject new life into the brand and redefine its identity while preserving its rich heritage.

Wilson highlighted Microgaming’s extensive experience in the gambling industry and emphasized the company’s position as a leading technology and software supplier for gambling operators worldwide. The rebranding also underscores Microgaming’s commitment to the growth and development of its workforce, with a focus on recognizing its employees’ contributions.

In addition to its rebranding efforts, Microgaming has received more than 20 industry awards and is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion within the company. The technology and software provided by Microgaming are responsible for facilitating over 210 million wagers daily for betting and gaming operators across the globe.

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