West Virginia Joins Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement

West Virginia has officially become the fifth US state to join the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement (MSIGA), allowing its residents to participate in online poker with players from Nevada, Michigan, Delaware, and New Jersey. This move comes a year after the West Virginia Lottery announced its intention to join the agreement.

John Myers, the director of the West Virginia Lottery, expressed his excitement about the state’s decision to join the MSIGA. He stated that this agreement will significantly increase the potential pool of participants and allow players to engage in multi-state poker for greater winnings. All iGaming service providers in West Virginia who wish to offer multi-state poker will need to obtain approval from the state and the other member states before going live.

The Multi-State Internet Gaming Association LLC, based in Delaware, manages the affairs of all member states as part of the MSIGA. Currently, Nevada, Michigan, and West Virginia offer online poker to member states, while New Jersey and Delaware also provide their own online poker offerings as well as other online gaming options.

The MSIGA is a unique agreement in the United States and does not have a counterpart in the European Union. In April 2022, Michigan joined the MSIGA, prompting interest from additional gaming jurisdictions to join the agreement. This move sparked optimism among online poker fans in Pennsylvania, despite lacking any official indications of such a plan.

Overall, West Virginia’s participation in the MSIGA is expected to bring about exciting opportunities for online poker enthusiasts in the state and pave the way for potential future developments in online gaming.

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