Allwyn, a lottery giant, has made history by becoming the first company other than Camelot to operate the United Kingdom’s National Lottery. The Czech company has pledged to celebrate this milestone by providing more money to good causes than ever before.

Allwyn was selected as The National Lottery’s successor, leading to initial dismay from Camelot and IGT, who attempted to overturn the UK Gambling Commission’s decision, alleging bias. Despite the challenges, Allwyn stood firm. Eventually, Allwyn and Camelot reconciled as the latter company was acquired by its former competitor, putting Allwyn in indirect charge of The National Lottery much earlier than expected.

On February 1, 2024, Allwyn officially took over The National Lottery, marking a new era for the beloved lottery. Justin King, Allwyn UK’s chair, promised to work hard over the next decade to increase returns to National Lottery-funded projects. To celebrate the beginning of these changes, Allwyn launched a new nationwide campaign.

Allwyn UK’s chief executive, Andria Vidler, expressed her ambition to ensure that The National Lottery benefits future generations. She recognized that this journey may take time but emphasized that there will be many incredible milestones along the way. Vidler highlighted the significance of 2024, a year that includes the Olympic and Paralympic Games and The National Lottery’s 30th birthday.

Furthermore, Gambling Minister Stuart Andrew congratulated Allwyn on its new license and lauded its ambition to generate funding for important initiatives. He acknowledged The National Lottery as a favorite pastime of countless Brits and emphasized the high standards Allwyn has to live up to. However, Andrew expressed optimism that the lottery will continue to positively impact the lives of millions of people under Allwyn’s leadership.

In the meantime, IGT extended its partnership with The National Lottery. The extension of this partnership reflects the ongoing changes and developments occurring under Allwyn’s stewardship.

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