A recent study conducted by the Siena College Research Institute (SCRI) and St. Bonaventure University’s Jandoli School of Communication revealed some interesting statistics about the prevalence and impact of sports betting in America. The study found that 35% of Americans have placed bets on sports, with 19% owning online sports betting accounts. Surprisingly, 93% of participants considered sports betting to be fun and engaging.

The survey also showed that 85% of sports bettors believe that gambling enhances the games they watch, and 80% think they are capable of making money from their bets. Additionally, 71% of those with online sports betting accounts mentioned registering with a promotion and receiving free money as the reason for opening their account. Furthermore, 63% of bettors admitted to owning more than one online sportsbook account.

According to Don Levy, the director of SCRI, 75% of Americans have watched online sportsbook advertisements, contributing to the one in five who have opened an account. He also stated that nearly half of bettors view online sports betting as a great form of entertainment that allows fans to gamble responsibly.

However, the study also uncovered some concerning findings. Close to 40% of bettors reported feeling bad or ashamed when dealing with losing bets, and 38% admitted to wagering more money than they should have. Additionally, 18% of American bettors disclosed losing money that was intended for financial obligations or lying to someone about their betting habits.

Despite these issues, only 9% of bettors actively sought help or called a gambling hotline, indicating a lack of awareness or unwillingness to address potential gambling problems. Aaron Chimbel, the dean of St. Bonaventure University’s Jandoli School of Communication, pointed out that two-thirds of sports fans believe online betting can lead to gambling issues.

Support for the legalization of online sports betting in all 50 states was strong, with 49% of respondents in favor and only 29% opposed. The study also referenced a similar survey conducted by Men’s Health magazine and another study by the Swedish Gambling Authority and Enkätfabriken, highlighting the global impact and awareness of sports betting habits.

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