North Carolina is making progress in launching sports betting in the state, with the North Carolina State Lottery Commission adopting the first set of rules on November 16. This move comes after the NC General Assembly passed the Act to Authorize and Regulate Wagering on Professional, College, and Amateur Sports and on Horse Racing in North Carolina, and to Authorize Live Horse Racing in North Carolina on June 8. The state has been working on establishing the necessary regulations for the eventual launch of betting.

The North Carolina State Lottery Commission will be responsible for regulating sports betting under the new law. The commission had previously sought public input on the first set of rules, which covers various topics such as advertising practices, before voting to adopt them on November 14. However, these rules will not come into effect until January 8.

The commission has also begun the rulemaking process for the second set of sports betting rules, seeking public comments on the proposed changes. The deadline for submitting comments is November 27, with a public hearing scheduled for November 20. Despite the scheduled implementation of the rules on January 8, the launch of sports betting in the state is not expected until June 15.

North Carolina aims to become a significant betting destination in the US, but the expansion plans face opposition. Efforts to open four casinos in the state have encountered resistance, including a lawsuit challenging the rezoning of land in Rockingham County for a casino. These obstacles may impact the timeline for the launch of sports betting in North Carolina.

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