A Republican candidate from North Carolina, Josh McConkey, recently won the lottery with a $1.5 million jackpot. McConkey, who is a doctor and US Air Force Reserve Colonel running for a seat in Congress, used his children’s birthdays as the winning numbers. He was “in shock” at his incredible luck, especially since another lottery player also matched all numbers, resulting in both winners taking home $757,577 each.

The draw was held on February 1, and McConkey expressed his excitement about the win, stating, “This is quite a day. I am still really in shock. It’s pretty wild.” He usually uses his children’s birthdays and his anniversary as his lottery numbers and plans on using some of the winnings to support his congressional campaign. McConkey believes that the money will help him run a stronger campaign and ultimately benefit the entire state of North Carolina.

Cash 5 is one of the six lottery games in North Carolina, offering players the option to buy tickets at retail locations or online. McConkey’s winning ticket was purchased online, and players can also access tickets through the NC Lottery Official Mobile App or the lottery’s official website. Additionally, a portion of the lottery’s proceeds are donated to education programs in the state, supporting North Carolina communities.

Overall, McConkey’s unexpected lottery win will not only bring him financial gain but also potentially aid in his bid for a congressional seat, allowing him to further his campaign and provide assistance to North Carolina as a whole. For more information on the NC Education Lottery’s initiatives and how they support the state’s education programs, individuals can visit the lottery’s official website.

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