Former employee Ivans Ivanovs has accused live casino game developer OnAir Entertainment of maintaining illegal access to Playtech’s internal systems for a staggering two years. The breach of confidentiality allegedly continued even after Igor Veliks, a key figure in the scandal, had left his employment with Playtech Live Latvia.

Whistleblower Reveals Unethical Practices at OnAir Entertainment

Ivanovs claims that Igor Veliks, along with others, exploited this unauthorized access to spy on upcoming Playtech games and features. This information, intended for the product committee at OnAir Entertainment, allegedly gave them a significant advantage by providing insights into Playtech’s roadmap, market strategies, and exclusive casino operators with dedicated studios.

In posts on his LinkedIn profile, the former employee pointed out the stark contrast between ethical practices, such as researching materials in the public domain, and the alleged illegal access to a competitor’s internal environment. He highlighted the potential breach of copyright and integrity in OnAir Entertainment’s game titles, questioning the source of their innovations.

Ivanovs expressed his disappointment with the management of OnAir Entertainment, accusing them of turning a blind eye to the unethical practices within the company. He claims that the top management was aware of the malpractice but chose to maintain such ethics for their own financial gains, jeopardizing the livelihoods of over 300 employees.

Ex-Employee Promises Further Revelations Amid Legal Battle with OnAir Entertainment

The controversy took an interesting turn as Ivanovs disclosed that he left OnAir Entertainment due to a cease-and-desist order after advertising his achievements on social media following his exit. He alleges that the company waited for four months before filing a civil lawsuit against him for breach of trade secrets.

OnAir Entertainment’s upcoming release, Diamond Rush Roulette, is brought into question as it was supervised by Igor Veliks, the central figure in the industrial espionage allegations.

As the legal battle unfolds, Ivanovs vows to reveal more information about the alleged unethical practices within OnAir Entertainment.

OnAir Entertainment has yet to respond officially to the allegations, leaving the gaming community eagerly awaiting their side of the story. The scandal has the potential to impact the company’s reputation and may lead to legal consequences if the accusations are proven true.

In March 2023, OnAir Entertainment announced its plans for global expansion, experiencing exponential growth in the previous 15 months with entries into 10 new markets, including strategic European jurisdictions such as the Netherlands, Greece, Denmark, and Romania. Later in 2023, the company signed partnerships with Kindred Group, Betsson and MrQ.

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