PokerStars, a well-known online poker platform, has recently launched a revamped Rewards Program, which became available on January 22, 2024.

The most significant change in the new program is the elimination of the Weekly Poker Challenges, which had a high failure rate of 75% among participants. The decision to remove these challenges was made due to complaints about progress bars being reset, regardless of how close players were to completing them. The new program aims to be more transparent, fair, and easy to understand.

Under the updated PokerStars Rewards Program, players can expect a more predictable and rewarding experience. The program is now volume-based, allowing players to set and achieve their targets at their own pace. While the minimum requirements for earning a Rewards Chest have been raised for regular players, the base program offers more substantial rewards ranging from 25% to 40% in cash.

To address the disparities in playing habits, PokerStars is ensuring that recreational players at the Bronze and Blue Levels are included. These players will now receive daily rewards, such as a fixed $0.50 Power Path ticket, to encourage them to participate in PokerStars activities.

In addition, PokerStars has introduced exclusive tiers called PokerStars Select and Select+ for high-volume players who generate a significant amount of rake within a rolling one-year period. These tiers come with perks such as personal account managers, increased reward rates, and exclusive promotions.

The aim of these changes is to create a more transparent, rewarding, and inclusive experience for PokerStars’ diverse player base. The revamped Rewards Program promises increased generosity, with up to 40% in Rakeback for the majority of players and an impressive 60% for top-tier players.

In other news, PokerStars has partnered with Playson, a notable digital entertainment supplier, to offer popular games such as Solar King, 3 Pots Riches: Hold and Win, Coin Strike: Hold and Win, and Royal Coins 2: Hold and Win. This collaboration is intended to enhance PokerStars’ gaming offerings, initially in the United Kingdom and Malta, with potential expansion to Spain and Ontario in the future.

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